Retro Innovation?

Posted on July 8, 2009


Did you see today’s announcement by Google?  Today they announced a competing Google OS to Microsoft’s Windows.  Predictable.  Microsoft announces Bing, to counter Google search, and Google announces Chrome OS, to counter Microsoft’s Windows OS.

No threat to Alexander the Great’s legacy of campaign battle strategies here.  Just the good old jab for a jab.  I’ve seen this show before, not only from the more current Linux, but the OS battles of the ’90s.  Remember OS/2?

Microsoft has long been despised by many due to the same unjustified arrogance that IBM once exhibited (a common trait of successful companies).  By unjustified, the reference isn’t to its success which is not debated, but rather its inability to deliver streamlined products that just work.

Do you think Google have more success in this regard?

Other companies like Apple have at one time or another exhibited similar behavior, at least with Apple, their products just work (relative
to other companies’ products), and that’s mainly due to their tight integration between (proprietary) hardware and software.

  1. How well will Google be able to ensure that degree of integration with various netbook providers?
  2. Would Google have been better off continuing to compete with Microsoft by providing comparable product offerings using a SaaS approach the way it does today with Google Apps?
  3. Is Google simply tuning the seeds of the past or planting the seeds of the future?

Only time will tell.

– Tune the Future –