Will you lead or will you follow?

Posted on July 17, 2009


In this week’s cloud computing news we see some of the concerns in adopting this new paradigm, even as some of the largest business and government entities adopt (or seek to provide) cloud computing services.

We can easily see vendors like Microsoft, Google, Oracle, HP, IBM, Unisys, and many others jockeying for position.  Having worked for a vendor I can state confidently that nowadays they make their moves based on demand, not “build it and they will come” wishful thinking.

That demand is coming from your competitors, and sooner or later, those cost savings will show up in the form of more competitive pricing of goods and services making it more difficult to compete for those that don’t adopt these efficiencies.

You can lead or you can follow.  Either way the world is moving on.  So, if you’re a small enterprise, why wouldn’t you adopt cloud computing now?

-Tune The Future-

GSA Inches Closer To Cloud Computing ‘Storefront’

Using the GSA Storefront, federal agencies would choose infrastructure, Web applications, or other IT services to begin a streamlined procurement process.

A number of bodies jointly seek standardization in areas including security, management frameworks, data exchange formats, and cloud taxonomies and reference models.

Panel: Cloud Computing Is for Real Despite Hype

It’s at the top of the hype charts. It probably won’t save you money, especially in the short term. It needs more standards. And, it’s going to transform the economic model for computing. It, of course, is cloud computing — one of the most powerful business computing trends we’ve seen in years.

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