Innovation: The Silver Bullet In The Cloud Lining

Posted on November 1, 2010 by


Today, November 1st, marks the 1st day at the 7th International Cloud Expo, November 1-4, 2010 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, CA, and there’s simply no other way to state it.

–The days of centralized IT control within the enterprise are coming to an end.–

The new recipe for success in the next generation enterprise will leverage a whole new business, economic, and delivery model. The excitement of this new paradigm is palpable, with an explosion of business, government, industry, and technology innovation to come as the next wave of technology goes into overdrive, and a new lexicon of increasingly abstract IT terms, and concepts, such as, Cloud computing, are born.

You may wonder, what is driving these changes? Others may recognize the increasing innovation in technology, and the consumerization of the enterprise through devices like the iPhone, and cloud based applications, such as, Google Apps, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. How many of your employees are already using the innovative iPad at work? Google Apps? Amazon’s AWS?

You may have approached your CTO/CIO, and discussed how the coming Cloud Resource Services (SaaS / PaaS / IaaS and XaaS), and Unified Communications and Collaboration convergence will enable your competitors, and potentially impact your business, or future challenges in having vendors work together efficiently on your behalf given the industry battles underway. What is your risk mitigation strategy for the outcome of some of these battles? When will your business be hit by collateral damage? Are you safer in the skies?

Perhaps you’re wondering, what is the end game of this cloud based paradigm? Here’s one view:

  • Cloud Enabled Intelligent Devices (Thin, Mobile)
  • Cloud Access (Intelligent IP Network Access)
  • Cloud Resources (Elastic, Multi-tenant, Datacenters ).

It is all but certain that in the interim we will see hybrid solutions, just like we are seeing today with hybrid vehicles, but the writing is on the wall for inefficient IT departments, and gas guzzling vehicles alike. Highly virtualized resource environments are not only here to stay, but will grow quickly. It’s simply a better, more efficient, and effective mousetrap for many organizations.

So what will be your legacy? Will you be leading the enterprise innovation transformation charge, and create a highly competitive, effective and efficient organization, or let others lead?

The Internet paradigm shift disintermediated numerous unprepared industries, and businesses. The lack of enterprise business agility became an obstacle to the speed and efficiency of the free market – increasingly shifting to online business. Will the Cloud do the same to your business? How will you keep up? Outsourcing?

With outsourcing, you may get innovative technology in the initial period, but long before the end of an outsourcing contract that technology is neither innovative, flexible, or current while cloud clients are constantly benefiting from the most recent innovative technology with no additional costs.

Additionally, there are many differences with this new business and economic delivery model relative to a traditional legacy business approach.

  • Highly virtualized environments are agile and flexible providing the ability to react quickly to threats in the business landscape, or to capitalize on opportunities, innovating quickly and iteratively, thus traditional 3, 5, and 10 year strategy is largely dead.
  • These environments benefit from disruptive technologies embraced by your customers, and benefit from highly adaptable, and relatively easy modifications of business processes, unlike traditional business processes.
  • More importantly, it’s an innovative model with an easy to use, consumer technology driven interface, not vendor driven enterprise software, requiring education and training of your employees, to use effectively.

Are you prepared to change your company culture to one of innovation? Do you have a migration roadmap? What is the trade off between innovation and risk in the clouds? Will you cast your vote for the Cloud?

The questions on this exciting journey are many, while the recipe for success will undoubtedly be cloudy for some time to come.

-Tune The Future-