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The Rise of the Cloud Enabled Autonomous Robots

March 29, 2011


On the IEEE Spectrum Robotics blog, I came across this blog post, “Cloud Robotics: Connected to the Cloud, Robots Get Smarter” written by Erico Guizzo. It’s an interesting read on the possibilities of leveraging the Cloud in the field of robotics. Robotics has long been plagued by all the processing capacity required to mimic human […]

40-80% Savings in the Cloud?

March 28, 2011


Given the state of the global economy and the increasing adoption of Cloud computing it’s no surprise that lately there have been a number of articles on achieving Cloud computing savings ranging from 40% savings according to an EEOC case study to as much as 80% savings according to Microsoft. However, not everyone seems to believe […]

Top 55 Cloud Computing Enablers Gaining Mind Share

March 20, 2011


It’s that time again. Today we take a look at 1Q 2011 to see which Cloud players are gaining mindshare. You can guarantee that the Cloud computing segment will be even more exciting to watch in  2011 than it was in 2010 as large enterprise information technology companies continue their rapid restructuring to an on-demand […]

Your Roadmap To The Clouds – III

March 14, 2010


Transforming the Enterprise to Support Dynamic Innovation In part 2, we discussed some of the initiatives to abstract the enterprise and create a virtual enterprise presence in the cloud.  In part 3, we will take a look at Business and Technology Integration Transformation Initiatives to support the Next Generation Enterprise Transformation and Dynamic Innovation.  What […]

Your Roadmap To The Clouds – II

March 11, 2010


Next Generation Enterprise Transformation In part I, we began our journey towards next generation enterprise transformation.  In part II, we will discuss some of the initiatives to abstract the enterprise, and create a virtual enterprise presence in the cloud. Last time, we spoke of undertaking initiatives, but what kind of initiatives?  Executive level, leadership initiatives, […]

Your Roadmap To The Clouds – I

March 10, 2010


Next Generation Enterprise Transformation Thank you for your patience while I gathered my thoughts on positioning the enterprise for cloud computing.  In the article, “Silicon in the Cloud“, we discussed the influence of semiconductor innovation, particularly multi-core developments, on systems virtualization, and the resulting business model innovation seen in cloud computing. And in the 3 […]

Top 25 Cloud Service Providers Gaining Mind Share

February 15, 2010


Cloud computing continues to gain steam, and it has been some time since we first asked, who is gaining your mind share?  As previously noted in the 4Q09 article, this list is a subjective impression of Cloud Service Providers (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS) on the cloud computing radar.  As usual, large technology companies like AT&T, Dell, […]